Saturday, December 03, 2005

Are YOU In a Cult?

Are you in a cult? Here are some "warning signs of cult activity" from a deprogramming center. Attached I've included quotes from members of two of the largest cults in America. Please, get your loved ones help!

1. Decreased contact with loved ones.

"Still, I'm wondering whether I can ever feel the same way about the close friend my husband and I might have named as guardian for our daughter. Possessed of a brilliant intellect and a gentle soul, he is also a rabid Republican not-so-slightly to the right of Karl Rove. We stopped speaking to him last July after an ugly kitchen-table debate erupted about the war in Iraq."

2. Difficulty in communicating with your loved one.

"So, my advice for Thanksgiving? Don't get into a discussion at all. You will be attacked, put on the defensive and your serious agenda will be ignored in favor of the pop-politics of the moment, all anti-conservatism."

3. Increased hostility.
I wouldn't vote for (a conservative) if you peeled off all my toenails with a pair of pliers then ran hot piano wire through both of my eyes. I fight their nasty little destructive hateful dark agenda with every fiber of my being, every day of my life.

"A time ago there was a type of people called traitors, they were killed in various ways for betraying their nation and helping the enemy, now they are simply called liberals and are allowed to speak their lies freely... these liberals must be taken care of or they will take everyone down with them."

4. Loss of sense of humor.

"Why aren't conservatives funny? Because all of their ideological leaders are pompous blowhards with bad haircuts? Because they're stupid?"

5. Dramatic drop in grades or performance at job.

"But the dynamic of the class had been changed. From that day forward, John spoke up often, sometimes loudly, sometimes out of turn. He had begun to conceive of himself as the only countervailing conservative voice in a classroom full of liberal-left think-alikes, and he occasionally spoke as if he were entitled to reply to every other student's comment -- in a class of 17."

6. Sudden change in dating or friendships.

"I would NEVER consider dating or marrying someone who was not a liberal or progressive."

7. Glassy stare in his/ her eyes, seems "spaced out" or not quite there.

"Walking me to my car (he insisted), Tom, who works for a construction conglomerate, reaches for a favorite metaphor to describe George Bush: linoleum. "You know: Usually you get a microfilm of the color, and if you drop a plate on it you discover it's an ugly-looking floor. Then linoleum came out—the pattern goes through the entire one-eighth of material. You can drop a plate on it, and the color is true all the way down!"
His face glows. He gets a far-off look in his eyes. That's his Bush."

8. The group expects more or less exclusive devotion or focus on its leader, its practices, or its beliefs.

"Indeed, the more deeply conservatives loathe Mr. Clinton, the more thoroughly persuaded liberals are that he is their soulmate and protector."

"I watched the debates and I like what I see/ you Mr. President are the man God intended you to be./ You are leading us to do everything that’s right/ it was the enemy not you initiated this fight."

9. Honorable persons outside the group are overtly or subtly dismissed.

"John McCain- War Criminal."

"I don't know if (Murtha is) a coward, but he certainly is a traitor and a liar."

10. The group promises that extreme devotion yields extreme rewards.

If you are "conservative," and live by conservative principles, you may very well be choosing life over death. If you live by "liberal" principles, however, you may really be choosing death.

11. Nonmembers are seen as subnormal.

"Liberals are subhuman scum."

"Republicans are retarded."

12. The group functions as if right and wrong are defined by what furthers or inhibits the interests of the group.

"I have this vision of the time when God led the Jews out of bondage, in Exodus.....may we not also be seeing God deliveirng us and leading us all out of the self-imposed slavery of the liberal/commie politicians/"leaders'"?

13. The world according to the group is defined in sharp, black-or-white categories.

"Howard Dean has suggested that Republicans are "evil." That they are "corrupt." He called them "brain-dead" during a stop in Toronto."


"No one can argue that the liberals agenda does not closely parallel that of evil. "

Please call 1-800-POLITICAL-ZOMBIES to help a loved one be deprogrammed. They may already be Demo-krishnas or Hari-publicans. They may already have squandered all their money on badly-written books by Sean Hannity or Michael Moore, or even be mindlessly repeating quotes from those very books as we speak! For the love of God! They may even have a blog by this point!


(Please forward to "at risk" friends and family)


elendil said...

That was amusing... and perhaps a bit disturbing.

Rufus said...

Two sides of the same coin, aren't they?

Rufus said...

One of the more astounding things I've ever seen was a documentary in which Alan Ginsberg went into the office of a very right-wing corporate executive and just had a very pleasant chat with him trying to see eye-to-eye. It was strangely moving. I wish I could remember the name...