Tuesday, December 13, 2005

O Little Bank in Bethlehem

Leihigh University students in Bethlehem Penn, found themselves "grappling with the news" that their Sophomore Class President has been arrested for robbing a bank. He's the son of a minister and private school graduate and frat brother, so blah-blah-blah- nobody can believe it. It's not like he's black or something. Here are students getting the vapors...

"I didn't believe it when I first heard it,"

"It's by far the most interesting story we've ever encountered here,"

"You have to think of how much he had going for him _ class president, studying at Lehigh," said Steve A. Juisti, 19, a sophomore civil engineering student from Upper Darby. "You have to question his reasoning, obviously. The big question is why."

Because he wanted money? I'm sorry, why exactly is being spoiled by your parents supposed to make you more deeply moral than other people? So, anyway, Fratty McFrat-frat is going to be picking up trash by the highway for the state for a few weeks before heading off to corporate America and we're all deeply shocked.

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