Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Apparently, Florida Republicans have chosen Katherine Harris to run for Senate, and Salon is a bit bemused. To be blunt, Harris has always struck me as a shoo-in for Mayor of Crazytown. But, I'm not so sure that she won't be able to run on the 'poor me- those beltway just insiders can't handle how real I am!' meme that Joe Lieberman is currently running into the ground. And win. A sucker's born every minute, and that probably goes double for Florida. Salon optimistically tells us that: "For Democrats, her defeat could be little more than icing on the cake of a transformative 2006 election." (although they clearly think she might have a shot too) But, when we start talking about America being transformed, and turning to the Democrats, and all of that sort of thing I start remembering the last time I heard that prediction...

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