Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Iceland, Iceland, very, very Nice land!

Iceland is now the best place in the world to live, edging out Norway, who we can expect to give Iceland wirthering glares in the future. One of my favorite punk songs was a goofy diatribe entitled ''Fuck you Norway'' by a Boston band called the Showcase Showdown. It was a very silly song, but apparently, the absurdity of anyone actually hating Norway is somewhat lost on some Norweigans. The band's old message board contained a number of comments along the lines of, ''I am from Norway. Fuck you Showcase Showdown!'' Hopefully, Iceland will not get too uppity about their Number One status. Do not anger Norway.

Anyway, the U.N. Human Development Index is based on life expectancy, educational levels, and real per capita income. Canada came in number four, after uppity Iceland, embittered Norway, and Australia, who was largely too drunk to notice. Seriously, I'm kidding! Please don't send me angry emails along the lines of Fuck you grad student madness!


Holly said...

It's probably just because I'm a bad person, but the phrase, "Fuck you, Norway" makes me giggle.

Rufus said...

It's like the South Park song "Blame Canada"- the idea of actually hating Norway is so absurd that it makes most of us giggle.