Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life Goes on at GSM...

I'm ready to move on a bit here. I'll keep filing Cramps stuff [for myself mostly] in that last post, but stop posting about it myself. I don't want to turn into one of those Elvis people. Well, maybe I do a little bit...

But, I am sort of interested in posting more often about weird exploitation films and old rock and country albums. You know me- it's usually about the gems of culture around here, when I'm not bitching about politics. As Spring sets in, and I start emerging from the usual Winter depression, I find myself surprised by all the interests of mine that were in hibernation. Hey, I love the Kinks! Oh, that's right- Patsy Cline! Hey, I remember loving Herschell Gordan Lewis movies!

So, I don't know if there's any common theme here- I like the real ''classics''of art and literature, the hidden gems of music, and the weirdest, way-out artifacts of trash culture pretty much the same. I love anything that doesn't bore me, and just about every damn thing I see around me nowadays bores me stiff.

And, if it's okay with everyone else, I'm going to keep on plugging along here with this thing. Without a map, as usual.

Endnote: Anyone know how to embed MP3s on this damned thing? It'd make it easier to share some of the weirder songs I have lying around.


The Pagan Temple said...

Maybe its just me but that woman in the picture looks eerily like the Octuplets mom.

Strange I'd never even heard of The Cramps before you posted about them. What would you suggest as a good Halloween theme song by them? It sounds like there would be a wealth of them to choose from.

The Pagan Temple said...

There are different music sites where you can embed players on your site, by putting the code on your sidebar, like your own little juke box. You can have your own playlist, and whatever is at the top will usually pla by default. I was thinking about putting one on my own sidebar but decided against it.

The Pagan Temple said...

Not that I'm saying this is the best of the bunch, but this is the one I was thinking of using-


Rufus said...

Hey, thanks for the comments. We were gone all weekend- just got back.

I think my favorite song by the Cramps is the suitably spooky 'Human Fly'. A lot of their earlier stuff had to do with monsters though- 'I was a Teenage Werewolf', 'What's Behind the Mask?', etc. There was a great later song called 'Eyeball in My Martini' that always makes me laugh.

I'll try that jukebox idea. I'd like to make it easier for people to hear this stuff without having to follow a bunch of links. I also don't want to turn this into a blog just for record collectors.

The Pagan Temple said...

The only drawback with Dizzler is I think you are limited to songs they have. I don't know whether you can upload your own songs to the site or not. I am pretty sure though they should have a pretty thorough collection of Cramps songs. They have a large selection of songs by the racist country artist Johnny Rebel, so surely they should have an appreciable number of Cramps songs.

The only reason I decided against it is I don't like the idea of songs playing by default. If I knew I could fix it to where you could turn it on if you wanted to hear it I would have put it on, but that's just a personal thing. I just don't want to do something to make my site any harder to load than it might already be, plus a lot of people like to surf the web from work, and songs blaring from the speakers might discourage them from visiting.

There are other sites too, one I know of which is sponsored by E-harmony, who one blogger I know uses. You might want to check it out just to see how it sounds, on my side-bar it's Beamish-The Crank Files.

Dizzler I think is the one used by Ny-Space. Their songs are linked to various other sites, mainly YouTube, but you are getting just the songs, not the videos.

That's another reason I decided against using it, come to think of it. I was afraid if I had a song playing by default it would interfere with any YouTube video I might decide to post.

rufus said...

Yeah, I see what you mean. I've added it at the bottom of the screen, but I'd say the jury is still out.

So, let me know if you all can get it to play, or if it's just a hassle. I'm going to see if I can figure out how The Onion AV Club embeds MP3s in their album reviews. It can't be too hard to do.

The Pagan Temple said...

Good idea putting it at the bottom of the page. It worked fine, though I had to hunt and peck to figure out how to turn it off. To start it, you just have to click where it says Rufus's Playlist and it gives you the list of songs to choose from. You might want to make some kind of announcement near the top of your sidebar that it's down there.