Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ultra Twist featuring Michelle Carr

Here's a Cramps video from a while back. This is actually the 'uncensored' version- the one they showed on MTV had more tame stock footage. It definitely gives a good idea of Lux and Ivy.


Anonymous said...

Hey--is this the same Rufus Flypaper from Centreville, VA??? AKA Carlton? Anyhow...this is Sandra from Jade Post Lane. If this is, contact me: If not, completely disregard.

Sandra (luv the blog)

Rufus said...

Mmmmmmight be.

It's crazy hearing from you- I've tried to find you many times with no luck.

I'll email.

Brian Dunbar said...

Who the heck is Michelle Carr?

Rufus said...

I have no idea- that was how it was listed on Youtube. I'm assuming that she was one of the dancers who appeared in the video.

Brian Dunbar said...

I should have googled .. from

She's a club owner and runs or ran a burlesque show.

Rufus said...

I think I've actually heard of 'em. There seem to be a million burlesque troupes now- our city has the Steel City Sirens I think.