Saturday, January 02, 2010

In the tunnel

We're home again- a day earlier than expected- from Maine after having tried to outrun the storm system they have blowing through tonight. We made it, after about 12 hours of driving through snow and sleet. Luckily, we live in Canada, so this is normal.

Anyway, I just wanted to note that I did make a New Year's resolution this year. Last year, when I was in Paris, I sort of pestered Agnès Varda, whose films are absolutely incredible and who will sell you DVDs out of her workshop/editing studio on the Rue Daguerre. Anyway, she said she was too busy to talk because she had a new film coming out in a few months and was "in the tunnel" working on it. I loved the phrase and my resolution this year is to be more in the tunnel than I was last year.

And you? Did anyone else make any resolutions?

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Holly said...

Very similar = more doing, less thinking. Live this year as though someone is standing behind me shouting GO GO GO GO GO! all the time. (To combat my naturally laconic and hypothetical style a bit, and see what happens.)