Tuesday, April 24, 2007

German Word of the Day

Rundfunkempfangseinrichtigungen - ???

This word appears on a form that we received from ORF, which I think stands for something like Österreich Rundfunk (Austrian Broadcasting). It is a notice that we must register and pay registry fees on any radios or televisions that we have (which we don't). Trying to tackle the massive compound nouns of German is a challange and this one is a whopping 31 letters long. Here's what the parts mean:

der Rundfunk - broadcast (service) or radio
empfangen - to receive, listen, pick up (as in a transmission)
das Einrichten - setup, rigging, or setting
einrichten - to adapt, arrange, construct, control, dispose, equip, establish, furnish, install, institute, make arrangents for, make ready, mount, open, positition, prepare, set up, or suit

You can probably guess as well as I can, what the composite word might be getting at.

RF, you're going to have fun learning this language.

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Rufus said...

It should be fun. Provided my head doesn't explode.