Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thanks, God. Thanks for nothing!

When I was in High School, I knew these two twin brothers from Pakistan. Neither of them was particularly religious, although both of them were nearly religious about the Canadian band RUSH. I think about them every time I read anything about Pakistan. Here's a story... You know how athletes like to thank God every time they win at some sport? "I'd like to thank God for helping me to snap the quarterback's spinal cord. Thank you Jesus!" Anyway, the Pakistani cricket team is apparently blaming God for their lousy season! Or, to be more specific, the coach is blaming the team for spending too much time praying to God, and too little time practicing. I'll update if God has any response to this.


gregvw said...

I wonder what ever happened to "Akbar and Jeff." You know Holly had drivers ed with them.

Rufus said...

One of them became a race car driver, got married, had a child, and stopped driving race cars.

The other one has a Wikipedia entry, oddly enough: