Friday, April 20, 2007

Today's Spanish

In case anyone was wondering, since I've been deemed proficient in French, I am now getting ready to take the Spanish proficiency test. Next year, I would like to start German, and possibly re-learn Latin, which I was never really good at in the first place. Whew! Happily, French and Spanish aren't too different from each other. Another good thing about this is that I'm rather sick of the US news sources, as I've mentioned, and I can read more of the foreign papers online. I have no idea if Cuarto Poder is reputable, but I'm mostly reading it to learn to read it.

Estremecer: To shake. To tremble.

And today's editorial, which is quite interesting actually, begins

''Estremecidos por la matanza de la Universidad Tecnológica de Virginia, que segó vidas jóvenes y prometedoras, nos encontramos esta semana con un hecho igualmente aterrador: cada día son asesinados en México dos niños menores de 14 años.''

Roughly ''Shaken by the slaughter at Virginia Tech, which cut down young and promising lives, we are confronted this week with an equally frightening fact: each day, two children below the age of 14 years old are murdered in Mexico.''

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