Saturday, December 29, 2007


We're back from the cottage. I hope everyone is having a loverly holiday seasoning.

Do any of you have New Years' resolutions? I am resolving to be much more Type A about my dissertation in the coming year. I think I'll have to just to get through the thing. It won't be easy: I've never been Type A about anything in my life.

Et toi?


Holly said...

I don't have any resolutions, exactly, but I have a couple of specific things to do this year. More hiking, more travel, more art museums, and find some venue where I can do some volunteering. I'll also be applying a bit more discipline to my time at home, because otherwise I fall into time sucks and never come out.

gregvw said...

-Write a draft of dissertation 2 electric bugaloo.
-Finish some papers.
-Try to attain professorship.
-Go to some conferences.
-Improve my German.
-Get a new apartment.