Sunday, December 30, 2007

Advert for Grad Student Madness:

Man on street: Female cuckolds and Gothic architecture? What the hell do these things have to do with each other?

Announcer: We do randomness daily. We have very short attention spans. Grad Student Madness.


Having finally figured out Technorati, I am enjoying finally seeing who links here. For the most part, we're a lonely outpost in the blog-bog, which is okay with me.

Holly will be proud to know that a snowboarding blog linked to one of her Graz reports that mentioned the weather there.

We do not actually endorse Custom Business Cards. Although, if the money's right...

Discourse net disagreed with most of my post on collective shame, which is okay. I see their point.

State of Oklahoma news liked my post about the racist chanson de geste The Turner Diaries. Nice to hear.

I'm also in a "blog newspaper", which is cool, although I wish they'd make me the ombudsman.

I will admit that I find it a bit strange when people say they strongly agree or strongly disagree with something I've written. I tend to write "essays" in the sense of exploring ideas. This doesn't always produce anything interesting, but it's how I get my brain moving on cold winter days. In general though, I'd say that I don't really agree or disagree with most of my own posts. I don't really see them as positions to agree or disagree with. They're just ideas that I find interesting. I know that might sound like a cop out. But, really, I'm trying to overcome the tendency in blog-writing to try to broadcast simple points in as clear a fashion as possible. Besides, like old Walt once said, I contain fucking multitudes, man.

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