Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Royalty, squat!

Good design is like a good novel for me: a good designer or novelist can take the least noticeable things in daily life and vivify them so that you can't forget them. Case in point: these Sukie Cushions are colorful and cool, and to be honest, that's the last words I would generally use to describe something as quotidian as a cushion. But, there you have it. I like 'em.
They also come out to $89 Canadian, so they'll look a lot nicer in someone else's house than mine.


Holly said...

It's funny, normally I'm a fan of quirky pillow coverings (I'm leaning on lime green hippos right now), but these aren't working for me. Definitely not $89 worth of working! These designs all work much better for me as the sketch book bags. I'm guessing it's something about taking the camp out of the home setting? There was probably too much 70s decor in my upbringing. Strangely, the bags are much cheaper than the cushions. Probably because they're not down bags.

Rufus said...

Where can one find these lime green hippos of which you speak?

Holly said...

Apparently, only on my couch. I bought some fabric remainder at my local IKEA, and made some cushions. I can't even find a picture of this stuff on the intarwebs.