Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gabelstaplerfahrer Klaus

This short film depicts the heartwarming tale of Klaus, the forklift driver on his first day of work after receiving his forklift driver certification. Unfortunately, Klaus does not adhere to safety protocols and an improbable bloodbath ensues. I'm assuming Holly and I are the only ones who speak German here, so I am including the English-subtitled version.


Rufus said...

Well, I've always thought of this as an educational site, and if we can help just one factory worker avoid being cut in half, I guess it's worth it.

clairev said...

1. is this a real forklift safety video, or a german attempt at humor? (I found it funny)

2. what the hell was with those awesome pastries at the beginning? i would like to live in germany if that's what all meetings have. screw muffins.


gregvw said...

According to my German colleague, it is indeed a parody of safety videos, but it is nonetheless frequently shown in companies along with serious safety videos.

Germany's pastry skills are quite substantial.