Thursday, April 17, 2008

tim robbins talks to NAB, sternly.

i felt this was sorely needed

not sure if i'm the only one who caught it...but i liked it. i'm sure you all did, but just in case.

here is the transcript if you can't stream:



narrator said...

"we are ready to imagine a new broadcasting industry aesthetic, that respecting the better nature of the American people that produces shows that promote strength instead of fear. That does not divide, but inspires. That does not promote hate, but unity. That will not tear the weak down, but build up their strength."

And I might add - challenge and teach. But the idea of a "public trust" is antithetical to American capitalism since Reagan. And sadly neither broadcasters nor publishers nor even corporate booksellers can imagine making decisions based on the public good rather than quarterly profit statements.

Rufus said...

It's weird, for as bad as the TV can be here, it's still a lot better, and I think it's just because I'm watching the public-funded stuff.

clairev said...

narrator: i think though, they've stopped even making a pretense of being there for the public good and are at a point of blatantly pandering to things like sensationalism to make the quickest, dirtiest cash grabs. i can't recall a time when i've actually felt sorry for people who are public figures, as if they've been victimized by a machine larger and stronger than them.

at one time, that pretense was there. at one time, there were boundaries of what they would not do. that loss has been tragic. i don't think what robbins was saying was "don't entertain, don't make money", it was, "have some fucking moral standards you assholes", you know?

hard to marry the two sometimes. morals and money...


narrator said...

I'm not so sure that it is so hard to marry money and moralism, as long as you do not perceive that the pursuit of money is moral.

I do think that this is where European Socialism and American Capitalism truly part company. I'm not a great lover of the business leaders of Europe, but the societies in which they live tell them that they have certain societal obligations, and for the most part, they accept those. Americans are taught something different. They are taught that any impingement on individual rights is unfair, that all taxes are evil, that anyone who cannot help themselves deserves their fate - Horatio Algerism.

And so, as bad as say, Sky is in Europe, it still holds itself to higher standards than Fox in the US, because more is expected.

Rufus said...

Well, of course Claire and I live in Canada, so we get the CBC stuff as well as the cable channels from south of the border. It's pretty amazing to note the difference: the CBC is like the BBC- very dry and informative- whereas CNN, for example, is crap.

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