Saturday, June 14, 2008

Are Men Boring?

Sabine Durrant thinks so and a sampling of her friends agree.

What say you? (Hopefully not, "Well, you're a man, Rufus, and you're a crushing bore!")


Hiromi said...

Oy, Rufus. Anecdotes plus a dollop of sociobiology. I felt like vomiting.

Brian Dunbar said...

If she thinks the men around her are boring .. I wonder what the men think about her?

Holly said...


One can barely even support the assertion that (categorically) men are men (you know, 'cause some men are or were ladies, and so on)... to say that Men Are Boring kinda defies reason.

Rufus said...

H: And don't forget some pop-biology!

B: I guess that's true. There's a surprising amount of overlap between the "bored" and "boring" groups in the Venn diagram.

H2: Admittedly, not nearly enough people have picked up speaking in E Prime:

Well, okay! I guess we do not agree that men are boring. (Well, certainly some men! I remember being at one dinner party seated next to this guy who just kept talking about his new HD TV forever! Nothing could move him to another topic. I started wondering if he was a stealth marketer!)

Anyway, maybe she'd have been better off calling it: "Do I Hang Out With Some Lousy Conversationalists, or What?"

clairev said...

it would be a broad statement to say all men are boring. some are, some aren't. any man who will serenade you over the phone with "the songs from ren & stimpy" when you are very drunk and in paris without him and he is just excited to have found the tape, and you, is by definition not boring. email me privately should you need more examples ;)

(that's you)


Holly said...

hahahaha, Ren & Stimpy serenade, that's *awesome*!!!

Please don't call me H2, though.

Rufus said...

Well, it was an obvious connection: I'm trying to woo a Canadian, thus I should sing her the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen song. It worked too!