Saturday, June 07, 2008

Return of the Steel Glove

Okay, some of the old timers might remember the last time I was in Nantes and tried to convince Claire that 137 euro was not too much to pay for a steel glove that I saw in a shop window, my main argument being that it is A. Steel. Glove. Alas, my unimpeachable logic did not prevail. (But click the link because that was a funny one)

Anyway, now I am back in Nantes, and again the steel glove is once again calling to me from the store that sells this stuff. Remember that there is a huge castle in the middle of Nantes right next to this place. I walk past the window every day. And so, it begins again, as in times of olde. The steel glove whispering to me: "Rufus.... I am a steel glove. I could be yours. What say you? WHAT SAY YOU?!"


clairev said...

darling, you say:

"steel glove, you are ONLY a steel glove. and while you may be cool to wear outside, thwarting enemies and generating intrigue, you will go nowhere in the bedroom because my wife is (alas) not turned on by steel gloves. also, you are so overpriced for an object with many limited and let's say spurious uses. i will still covet thee in private though, along with ashtray stands from the 60's, and chairs that look somewhat like thrones. goodbye steel glove, goodbye..."

Rufus said...

You make it sound so easy.

Anonymous said...

I am not a mere steel glove. I am The Steel Glove of Destiny! Now I have waited fully two years, nay, 200 years, to be claimed by Rufus, and once again he denies me. He denies his own fate!

How long must I wait?

How long must Rufus wait?

gregvw said...

There are lots of non-sexual roleplaying uses for a steel glove. Oh who am I kidding.

Rufus said...

Steel Glove: See Claire? See? That's what I hear every day! Also, there is usually pan-flute music playing.

Greg: I actually had considered wearing it during lectures, with no explanation, and randomly striking the desks with it. This would assure that the students would pay attention. Or challenge me to a duel.