Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gotta Look At It Paperwise

Came across the BC Woods blog yesterday, and found the entry on GWB particularly well-written. You, too, might find this resonates a bit.
I ask you this, my fellow Americans: name one other country in the world, that could have withstood even six months of the Bush Administration. There is no answer save America. That, my friends, is why George Bush makes me proud to be an American.
Edit: You also might NOT find that it resonates. In fact, this may be one of your pet peeves. WARNING: Objects in the internet may be more irritating than they appear.


Brian Dunbar said...

Sorry - that's not profound or wise, and it certainly doesn't resonate.

It's mostly dumb.

Has the current occupant made mistakes? Sure. But the bit at the end .. I can think of a few countries that put up with worse leaders, for a lot longer.

Mugabe. Pol-Pot. Stalin.


Rufus said...


I didn't exactly agree with much of it, but: A. The kid is trying to write comedy, B. The kid is a kid. He looks to be about 18 years old, if that, and trying to write funny stuff for the internet. So, give him time to write better material.

I did find his stories about his evil sister to be funnier.

Brian Dunbar said...

Objects in the internet may be more irritating than they appear.


I'll give his website a try.

The Pagan Temple said...

"Only the bravest of men would lurch forward and punch the person that hit their friend, and then punch a stranger completely at random, for no purpose whatsoever, except that that stranger was “kind of sort of giving you a weird look, maybe.” This, on a much smaller scale, is analogous to George Bush’s response to 9/11."

Not exactly the way I would put it, but I get his drift. Pretty good stuff, all in all. I'll put him on my blogroll here in a bit.

I'll go back later and read about the evil sister and other stuff. I'm especially interested in reading his take on the "Violent Acres" site.

The Pagan Temple said...

Okay, I found out, he IS the Violent Acres site, or at least he's one of them. They used to publish pictures of people's kids they found posted on some "mommy blogs", and they'd photoshop them and make fun of them, etc. Yep, they do have a rep, or did at one time.