Monday, October 06, 2008

No News Day: 3

It's funny- I'm still not watching the news or reading the papers, but I can't totally avoid hearing about these things. The alarm clock radio went off this morning with a snippet about the "financial crisis going global" before we could turn it off. I know from Yahoo! that "political experts think that Sarah Palin's comments (whatever they were) could backfire on the campaign." I wonder if it's possible to be just as "informed" as I was before simply by picking up snippets of conversations or glancing at newspaper headlines...

Otherwise, I'm doing fine. There is a bit of sheepish embarrassment about having cared more than was necessary about things that now seem trite and distant. It's a bit like the day after a party in which too much alcohol was consumed and too many feelings were shared.


Holly said...

What WOULD happen if we all started to treat it like the weather? Yeah, it's stuff that happens, and yeah, it's sometimes a big deal, even life changing, but also... it's the weather. We have weather every damn day, the world does not come to an end because of it*, and it's not a central driving obsession?

I have recently begun to suspect that my brother is no longer speaking to me because I told him point blank than I will not be getting as excitable about politics and the economy as he is. He's become obsessed with it, and apparently doesn't talk about much else these days. So, when I ask him basic pleasantries (how's life/work/your girl/art/etc) he simply doesn't respond.

* Yet.

Rufus said...

Yeah, we have a prof in our department who's getting that way. Of course, he still talks about his subject in class, but otherwise it's all about politics and recent youtube videos of politics.

Of course, we could go the other way and become really angrily partisan about the weather.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, you are not going to believe the shit that the troposphere is trying to pull now! Precipitation! Can you believe that?! This is why I always say that you can only trust the Mesosphere!"