Wednesday, November 05, 2008

GSM Headline

Suck it, Europe!

[Dumb joke explained here.]


Brian Dunbar said...


rufus said...

it's good to know we can 'reach across the political aisle' to laugh at a juvenile gag.

Incidentally, that Der Speigel article is much funnier in retrospect. The dude is so sure that Americans will never elect the black guy because they lack the sophistication of Germans.

gregvw said...

As near as I can tell, just about everyone is elated here. There was a celebration party in the math department Tuesday morning over the Obama victory. Perhaps you meant "Suck it, France?"

rufus said...

Oh, no I didn't mean that Europeans would be unhappy. I've gotten a few emails now from drunken and elated French people.

This all started when Der Spiegel ran an editorial arguing that Europeans should forget about Obama because there was no way that Americans would ever vote for a black man. So, I've been saying that the Obama people should capitalize on anti-European sentiment by running ads with that quote and something like, 'Tell Europe to suck it- vote Obama.'

But, no, I'd imagine that many Europeans are happy to see how it turned out.

Holly said...

The Der Spiegel thing may have been a little bit of projection (the psychological phenomenon) where someone thinks that another would (or would not) act as they would. It's a common mistake. For children and emotional retards. The vast majority of German politicians are white men, and they use a percentage based representation system.

More to the point, people consistently vote for the candidate who looks most like themselves. This is almost certainly universal. Obama's win means American voter registration is finally catching up with the demographics.