Friday, January 04, 2008

Der Spiegel says there's no freakin' way Obama's going to get the Presidential nomination for of all the usual reasons: he's too young, his message is too vague, and candidates who win in Iowa don't usually win elsewhere. And then there's this: "and for many Americans, too black." I hear this all the time from Europeans- it's impossible that those bigoted Americans would ever vote for a black man. I think the Obama people should use it in their campaign.
"Vote for Obama and tell Europe to suck it!"

Obama people- give me a call if you want to use that. I've got more where that came from.


Brian Dunbar said...

Vote for Fred - he's got a hawt wife.

Vote for Obama, tell Europe to suck it.

Choices, choices.

Rufus said...

See, I don't see why we couldn't become political consultants.