Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hooray for Hamilton

A while ago, I was walking down the sidewalk in downtown Hamilton and realized that the buildings next to me were fake; it's sort of a weird sensation! It was an off-day for filming a movie, although we couldn't ever find out from anyone what the movie was. Anyway, now I know- they were shooting The Incredible Hulk, which also shot in Toronto. It came out last year. I remember the posters in the Paris Metro. I've never seen it and am in no hurry to correct that.

Hamilton shows up quite often in movies because filmmakers get big incentives to shoot here. Here's a trailer for the upcoming Woody Harrelson movie Defendor. At about a minute and ten seconds in to it you can see Hamilton's industrial zone. Actually, a quicker way is just to look at the large front picture on the movie's website. That, my friends, is what we come home to every night.

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