Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blowing Minds in Buffalo

Here's another magazine out of Buffalo, NY: The Maybe Logic Quarterly.

The Maybe Logic Academy offers online courses by counter-cultural icons (And what a horrible term! If anything, they're pro-culture, pro-art, and pro-literature!) like Robert Anton Wilson, Erik Davis, Patricia Monaghan, R.U. Sirius, and Douglas Rushkoff. In other words, you get taught by people who know a thing or two about broadening mental landscapes! It's not stretching the truth to say that every one of the instructors has changed the way that I think about something in the world. So, these should be great courses.

Anyway, the courses are on-line, so there's not really a physical academy, or a physical journal for that matter. But, the on-line journal is editted right here in Buffalo by a fellow named Kent Daniel Bentkowski who I would love to meet.
P.S.: That first link is worth following just to see the cover art!


Kentroversy said...

Greetings, Carlton:

If you would like to get in touch with me, check out my website kentroversy.com or my brand-new blog, kentroversypapers.blogspot.com. There you can contact me through my e-mail address that is posted at the bottom of my homepage --- click on the link that says "Send an e-mail to the Kentroversy.com webmaster."

Thanks for the kind words, I really do appreciate that.



Rufus said...

Hey, I just noticed you stopped by! I should check these more often.

Rufus said...

I'll check out the blog.