Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Corporate Bookstores Still Suck

I wonder when I'll look respectable enough not to get trailed by security in stores. Claire and I just went to Chapters books to get a CD of music for the wedding band and some cooking books. The entire time we're there the staff follows me, and stands next to me, and absolutely does not offer help. Just trails me. It's irritating beyond belief. I've never stolen anything in my life. But, I don't look rich enough or old enough not to fit into the "thief" profile.
The place sucks anyway because it was built inside an old movie theatre, which is just beautiful architecturally. So, it's like beautiful architecture crammed with all the kitschy shit that Chapters sells. "Love yourself scented candles!" "Biblical Exegesis for Dumshits!" etc. etc.
I swear sometimes that corporations want us to steal from them. I hope they go broke.
For the record:
Runnymede - Chapters
2225 Bloor Street West,
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 1M7Canada

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