Friday, May 20, 2005

More Summer Walking

And so, I think about all of this while I walk down the block. How am I ever supposed to become wiser when my mind is monopolized? Where does this fear of contemplation that seems to consume my culture come from anyway? Why can't I escape it? Where does my identity go while my thoughts are occupied?
More importantly, is it possible to become wise with a computer in the house?


daisy said...

Dude, you own a TV, right? And it's the computer that's making you a dummy?

Why am I still awake at 2am? Why, Rufus, am I conscious, when I have to be up at 7:45?

Rufus said...

Yeah, but I broke the TV habit. I almost never watch it. I think yesterday's CSI was the only thing I've watched on TV in the last three weeks. Somewhere along the line, TV just lost me.
My two biggest problems seem to be:
1) I live in two cities where advertisements are ubiquitous. For example, one of my subway stops has the entire station; walls, floors, ceilings and all; covered with a Claratin advert,
2) The computer is seriously not making me any smarter. I'd like to pretend it is, since it is a comptuer and hence, geeky. But, nope. I'm just really up-to-date with Rotten Tomatoes and the Onion.
Both of them sort of go together too, since everything on the Internet seems to have an advert on it now. But, yeah, my brain is becoming soup.

daisy said...

Yeah, no, I wouldn't say my computer makes me smarter either. But it doesn't make me stupider, that's for sure. The only thing it makes me better at is using it, but since I'm a librarian, that's actually helpful.