Friday, May 13, 2005

Calling All Librarians!

You know who you are. :) What do you make of libraries that are
doing away with all of their books? Am I wrong for thinking that that's a bit strange? Maybe I'm old fashioned but going into a library and finding that, of course, they don't have books seems to me like going into a bakery and hearing, "Bread? Why would we have bread? This isn't Bread-Mart." Actually, yesterday I and a few friends did indeed walk into a "Pizzeria" at 5:30 in the afternoon only to have the man working there respond, "No. I don't make pizza. Okay?" So, we left and I spent all night trying to wrap my head around that.
But, bookless libraries? Huh?

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Anonymous said...

I am a "LibraryWorker" (no L.S. degree just a BA in education )for 20 years at the top rated U.S. public Library system. We are currently slashing our book collections to make way for "Social Center/Meeting Place" paragram of the "New Library". I and many of my colleges feel like traitors. Morale is rock bottom.
The powers that be seemed determined to sink the ship!