Thursday, May 26, 2005

More on Why Chapters Bookstore Sucks

Here's a pretty interesting story about the historic theatre that gave way for a shitty box store and how said box store was supposed to close down in 1991. See, in Canada, most book stores are either Chapters or Indigo, and they're the same company. This is sort of like Blockbusters' plan to buy Hollywood Video so that they would control most of the market. It's basically a monopoly. The problem for us consumers, of course, is that Chapters and Indigo are already indistinguishable. They're not bad stores, exactly- it's just that they sell a lot of kitschy shit for overpriviledged yuppies who like to pretend that they read, and the staff is a mixed bag of teenagers. Just like every box store on the planet.
So, why is this monopoly legal? I have no idea. Ask Canadians.
If buying books in Toronto, go to:
This 'Aint the Rosedale Library
488 Church St.


queenseyes said...

Right on. I have never been to a Chapters Bookstore, but I can only imagine that it is like going to any of the big guns in the suburbs of Buffalo. Thankfully the city of Buffalo is still partial to the little guys like Rust Belt and Talking Leaves.

Rufus said...

I love Talking Leaves! Actually, you know, I wouldn't mind the box stores so much if the staff was ever friendly. But, I always end up getting disaffected surly teenagers.
Yesterday, we went to This 'Aint the Rosedale Library in Toronto and the girl there was geniunely concerned that they didn't have the book I was looking for. You really get that sort of personal treatment in the little stores. The owner of Talking Leaves will actually have friendly chats with me when I go in. It makes a difference!