Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Art Break 2006

And good for UW-Madison arts graduate student Tara Mathison who put on a humorous performance art piece titled “Spring Break Speedos 2006” to question the cultural significance of spring break. In the piece, young men in speedos posed in the same MTV Spring Break "sexy poses" we usually see from young women.

Mathison claims "the culture has been overtaken by “a high school mentality” and has turned some spring break traditions into an economic boom."

She's right. It's obscene how often my students get this shit shoved down their throats. Today, we came into the lecture hall to find postcards on every desk featuring a buxom slut in a bikini advertising a local bar. I exited the lecture hall to find, on every bulletin board in our building, a huge poster featuring a buxom slut in a bikini advertising Axe Body Spray. And this is a normal day. There really is this self-contained fantasy world that the kids live in. In the parental void, their guidance comes from the media-drome.

I'm not so sure I agree with Ms. Matheson on this, however... “Youth is kind of the elixir for our society: If you’re not thin and you’re not young or marketable in some way, you’re cast aside.”

Well, we do get by somehow... It's not easy, being cast into the wilderness... But, we find ways to fill our meagre little lives... I have my books and Ma has her stamp collection...

Anyway, good for her!

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