Thursday, February 02, 2006

AAUP Does Good

Perhaps stating the obvious in IHE:
"Boycotts of academic institutions are antithetical to academic freedom and should not be used as a means of protest, according to a new policy being adopted by the American Association of University Professors."

Unfortunately, it's not so obvious to people who cannot distinguish between the actions of a government and the scholarship of universities which happen to reside under that government.

"The policy follows considerable controversy in the last year over a boycott declared by Britain’s main faculty union against two Israeli universities."

Apparently, the strange creeping disease that causes flattening of thought and that makes one unable to make even the most basic distinctions, readings of nuance, or acts of decency, when dealing with Jewish people is a problem within the university as well as outside. It's good to see the AAUP is trying to inoculate against it.

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