Thursday, February 09, 2006

More Noir! Less Rouge!

Here's the list of educational programs that the "education President" is now pushing to cut or kill off entirely:

Educational technology state grants, $272 million

Even Start, $99 million

High school programs terminations:
Vocational education state grants, $1,182 million

Vocational education national programs, $9 million

Upward Bound, $311 million

GEAR UP, $303 million

Talent search, $145 million

Tech prep state grants, $105 million

Smaller learning communities, $94 million

Safe and Drug-Free Schools state grants, $347 million

Elementary and secondary education program terminations:
Parental information and resource centers, $40 million

Arts in education, $35 million

Elementary and secondary school counseling, $35 million

Alcohol abuse reduction, $32 million

Civic education, $29 million

National Writing Project, $22 million

Star Schools, $15 million

School leadership,$15 million

Ready to Teach, $11 million

Javits gifted and talented education, $10 million

Exchanges with Historic Whaling and Trading Partners, $9 million

Comprehensive school reform, $8 million

Dropout prevention program, $5 million

Mental Health integration in schools, $5 million

Women's Educational Equity, $3 million

Academies for American History and Civics, $2 million

Close-Up fellowships, $1 million

Foundations for Learning, $1 million

Excellence in Economic Education, $1 million

Higher Education Programs:
Education demos for students with disabilities, $7 million

Underground Railroad Program, $2 million

State grants for incarcerated youth offenders, $23 million

Postsecondary Student Financial Assistance Programs:
Perkins Loan cancellations, $65 million

Leveraging educational assistance programs, $65 million

Byrd Scholarships, $41 million

Thurgood Marshall Legal Educational opportunity, $3 million

B.J. Stupak Olympic scholarships, $1 million

_Vocational rehabilitation programs:
Supported employment, $30 million

Projects with industry, $20 million

Recreational programs, $3 million

Migrant and seasonal farmworkers,$2 million

Teacher Quality Enhancement, $60 million

Total $3,468 million

In fact, the amount he wants to cut from education is more than he wants to cut in any other area of public spending, although Health and Human Services, naturally, is also being cut back seriously.

So, do I think the public will be upset by all of this? Puh-lease! It's not like he's closing malls or something!


Aladdinslad said...

i thienk presedent bushes a good man mans can do rite al the time...he just wans mans and womans to lern to takes care of theyselvs...thad is not a bad thieng that is a good thieng....

Rufus said...

Yeah, he probably is a good man. He's just a really shitty president.

As for men and women learning to take care of themselves, maybe we should let the military take care of themselves.