Sunday, February 05, 2006

Locked in the Cell

Soon the subways will be wired to allow people to talk on their cell phones while riding. Before long, we will all be like Marie Antoinette- going through life cocooned in a small circle of friends, without making contact with anyone outside of that circle. Those ads in which the cell phone companies promise to "bring people together" are starting to sound like an ironic fuck you.


Hiromi said...

This is *exactly* what bothers me about cell phones and iPods. As if modern life weren't alienating and isolated enough, these bits of equipment allow us to withdraw further.

On the other hand, it avoids having to studiously ignore each other. Now we have an excuse.

Rufus said...

I remember picking up a girl on the subway when I was 21. That's got to be a lot harder for young men to do now. So, that's another strike against cell phones.