Friday, May 04, 2007

Because the Conservative Wikipedia wasn't Silly Enough?

Complaining that You Tube is ''biased'', a group of conservatives have started their own conservative version of You Tube called Qube TV. As far as I can tell, You Tube is mostly biased towards videos of house cats falling off of things. So, maybe the conservative version will feature videos of Michael Moore pushing house cats off of things. Or perhaps house cats falling onto Jane Fonda. I am very much hoping they will also have videos of Rick Santorum and Karl Rove lip synching to pop songs in their bedroom.

The group claims that You Tube bans videos by conservatives. A You Tube spokesperson has responded that this is ''flat out incorrect'', and You Tube explains: "Our site provides an equal opportunity for both sides of the political spectrum and embraces voter interaction with the candidates with no regard to party affiliation." They added, ''But, we really hate house cats.''

Seriously, who wants to start the meme going around the blogosphere that the democratic system of free elections needs to be reformed or suspended because voters tend to cast votes based on their political biases? I'm guessing that we could get at least a few people to join us on an anti-voting crusade.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the best response is to start posting a lot of clips of Bill Oreilly going nuts and W looking stupid. Will those get "banned" for being too "liberal"?

Rufus said...

It's hard to say. I assume somebody will try it before long.

What these people remind me of is something I've noticed about hippies- they seem to eventually get to this point in which they don't want to change the world so much as create alternative structures that allow them to pretend they don't really live there. A true politician would try to use You Tube to win people over, and most of them probably still will. But, these people don't want to engage others in the mainstream so much as talk to themselves in their own little alternative world. They're like Star Trek fanatics. It's more cultish than anything.