Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Eyebrows Have It

The Museum of the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City is hosting a major retrospective of Frida Kahlo to mark her 100th birthday. Kahlo is an artist whose reputation has been inflated all out of proportion to the actual level of her work; it speaks more to how people are educated about art than anything else that she's considered a ''legend'' these days. But, she is a decent surrealist and anything that gets people out and experiencing art is worth mentioning.


Holly said...

People frequently confuse the concepts interesting art and interesting artist. While identifying in some way with the artist might make the art easier to relate to or accept, it doesn't actually make it better. (Sadly.)

I often wonder why we celebrate the birthdays of famous dead people. I accept the unlikeliness of finding a satisfactory answer to this, as I also have difficulty getting juiced up about celebrating birthdays for the living.

Rufus said...

In this case, I'd say it's being celebrated in the hopes of selling a lot of refrigerator magnets, mugs, and tee-shirts with Frida Kahlo paintings on them. Otherwise, I couldn't say.