Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Best Defense is a Paris Hilton Defense

As you may remember, Ward Churchill is an ethnic studies professor at the University of Colorado and an activist of some sort who angered a number of people by calling the victims of 9/11 ''little Eichmanns''. Anyway, a whole bunch of people complained to the University that he is an extremist, a plagiarist, and a bad researcher besides. Under pressure, the university had a panel look into his work and they found all sorts of problems, including plagiarism, falsification, fabrication, and repeated use of the word 'Dude'.

Anyway, the President at UC Boulder has now recommended firing him, and the university has started the process of firing him, which should be done by this fall. Churchill and his supporters have been arguing that this was all a politically-motivated witch-hunt. The President's response amounts to ''Okay, but you are a witch.'' But it included this beaut, which I swear I am quoting directly:
''He characterized the Churchill argument of late as a “Paris Hilton defense” — arguing that the professor and the socialite both blame their troubles on being famous, instead of accepting that famous people have to follow the rules just like others do.''

Okay, now I've read the report about what Churchill did wrong in his work, and posted here that I thought it was enough to fire him for, regardless of who hates him or doesn't hate him. I can't stand serial plagiarists; in fact, I think they're little Eichmanns. And I know that I'm going to sound like an elitist snob, once again, for saying this. But, man, I also think they should fire that University President simply for being a University President who would use the phrase ''Paris Hilton defense'' in an interview. There's just something so wrong about that.

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