Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cannes- No Country for Old Men

One of the films at Cannes that I'm most excited about is 'No Country for Old Men' by the Cohen brothers. I haven't liked the last two Cohen films really, and honestly I think that they don't write real people as often as they write patronizing portrayals of cute accents. Of course, their silly stereotypes work fine for farce, and both Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski are extremely funny. Also, les frères Coen tend to work best in the noir mode and these films (Blood Simple, Fargo, and The Man Who Wasn't There especially) are where they bring out the real people. So I'm expecting a great characterization from Tommy Lee Jones in this film, not to mention the fact that it's based on a Cormac McCarthy novel who is just fantastic. Anyway, this is one that I wish I was in Cannes to see. The rest of us have to wait until November.


Holly said...

Just the phrase "noir Western" (which is how I saw it described makes me a little giddy. I'd be excited to see it, if I thought I would be able to... it's probably not coming here.

Rufus said...

You might be surprised. I found that a lot of the more 'serious' films played in France about a year before they came to the states, including some American films.