Saturday, May 05, 2007

An experiment

I'm going to try something new- writing out my posts by hand before I type them here. J.G.Ballard has said that he can tell the difference between things that were handwritten and those that were word processed. Let me know if the writing seems different in the next few weeks, si vous plaît.


Holly said...

I recently read some thoughts from Neil Gaiman about his practice of writing by hand. Two things stood out about it. One is, he signs the first page of the blank book, which creates a sense of ownership, and two, that although he is clearly computer-saavy he seems to do better/more work by hiding out in a potting shed with pen & paper.

There may be an impersonal-ness about typing a thing initially that alters the character. A person's relationship to words printed on a page probably has deep psychological implications.

Rufus said...

It feels more concrete somehow. Like you're committing the words to a real existence, as compared to word processing, which is like writing on water.