Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Good News: Cont'd

More good news- In a new book, conservative pundit Fareed Zakaria points out something that has been fairly noticeable to us history dorks for a while now- it's quite possible that we're actually living "in more peaceful times than at any point since the early 1950s, and perhaps in several centuries. (Harvard's Steven Pinker says, "the most peaceful times in the species' existence.")

In fact, one of the things that is most interesting for me about the emerging multipolar world is just this possibility that war might actually be largely vestigial at this point for over half the globe, and it might well be dying out everywhere else. Know hope, as Andrew Sullivan says.


narrator said...

Humans are worriers, I guess. The safer the world is, the safer your children are, the more people seem to need to invent dangers. Or is it that leaders invent dangers to justify their continued existences?

Rufus said...

There's an idea in sociology- I can't remember what it's called- but the idea is that if you live in a neighborhood where everything is falling apart, you'll buck up and get through it. But, if everything is fine except say, one broken stop light, that stop light will drive you crazy. I think that also applies here.