Thursday, September 04, 2008

Grad Student Madness Continued

In case anyone was wondering, it's been slow around here lately because the semester just started and I just started writing the dissertation. Whew!

Other than the madness of that, everything else is fine here.


Anonymous said...

Rufus, consider that we each are in truth entitled to our own facts, many of us even demanding them to support not only our beliefs, but the behaviours which created them in the first place. It is only by agreeing upon the perception of all of our facts combined, that we can ever if not agree, be amicable in our disagreement.

Rufus said...

I think this comment was supposed to go with a post above this one. Anyway, I agree with what you're saying. There's an old Buddhist line about each of us looking at the sky through a straw, and we can all see a tiny bit of the sky, which we each take to be the entire thing.

So, I see what you're saying- it's important, when disagreeing with people, to try to, at least, understand why they believe what they do.

Thanks for the comment.

gregvw said...

There is an unwritten dissertation making impatient throat-clearing noises outside my door at this very minute.