Friday, September 05, 2008

Sgt. Hetfield's Loney Headbangers Musique Bande

Okay, someone has been raiding my dreams for ideas! I'm not making this story up, but I will take it slowly...

First, in news that is a dream-come-true for fans of Beatallica- the band that plays Beatles covers in the style of Metallica- the actual band Metallica is going to jam on British television with Sir Paul McCartney. No news as to if they're going to play "I Want to Choke Your Band".

Okay, so after you've accepted that weird image, they're going to be jamming with France's hot first lady Carla Bruni who will perform some of her own songs with the supergroup.

I have no idea what this says about US/British/French relations, but let me just say that, for all of the jokes that I and other yanks make about how twee and wimpy French pop culture can be, I cannot possibly imagine Laura Bush jamming with Metallica.

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