Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pasolini, Maria Callas - Medea (1969) 06/12

1. Check out the gorgeous cinematography.
We're now in Corinth and the local women are terrified of Medea. In this scene, she is stripped of her glamour garb by the locals and dressed for her new life as a Corinth housefrau. It's a step down to say the least. As she walks away with the ghost-like women singing behind her, the scene turns eerie.

But Medea's new life has its rewards, as we see in the scene in which she gazes adoringly at Jason's nude body as he sleeps.

In the last scene here, the centaur tells Jason of Medea's plight living in a world in which the sacred has been desecrated. He describes this as a reverse conversion and says that Jason cannot escape this spiritual realm, foreshadowing his eventual downfall.

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