Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hud - Hud's First Pass

Paul Newman was a great actor and a decent man, by all accounts. It's sad to lose another great actor; but it's downright tragic to lose a truly decent man. Here's a great scene with Patricia Neal from Hud. If you haven't seen this movie, rent it as soon as possible. It's a classic.



emilystrange said...

I totally agree about Hud, which is why I made it #1 on my "Top Ten Best Newman Flicks" list on Premiere:

If you happen to check it out, you'll see that there are plenty of haters commenting right now who disagree with me, but whatevs. Rufus and I know the truth.

Rufus said...

Yeah, screw them. I don't know why people feel compelled to get angry over something like that. I agreed with your choices. Sure, Slap Shot was good, but it's not in the top ten and you're working with a limit of ten. Again- screw 'em.