Friday, June 24, 2005

House Negotiations

Okay, they've rejected our first offer. That's okay- it's what usually happens.
They asked for X dollars, to keep their appliances and for us to pay off the efficiency heater that they signed a contract for.
We said, okay we'll pay you six thousand less than x, we want the appliances and you have to pay off the heater (about $8,000. They are locked into a contract that we would have to pay off).
They said, "Nope."
We have now said, "Okay, we'll pay you five thousand less than x (they originally bought the place for $25,000 less than x two years ago, so it's still a profit), you can keep the appliances, and we still want you to pay off that heater."

So, we'll see what they say.


Marty said...

This is Marty at MY LEFT LUNG. Thanks for reading my blog. A Swedish Study says reading it increases your IQ by ten points. I like your blog as well.

Rufus said...

Oh, hey. Best wishes!