Monday, June 20, 2005

Roads and Nets

Romans built the roads in 43 AD to conquer Celtic Britain. The highway was a military endeavour intended to connect all that the Roman army ruled. As dispirate regions came under the same network, their cultures blended into one another. They became standardized and homogenized. Everyone spoke Latin.
*The eye projected a straight line where none existed.
*The Highway was a military endeavour to bring dispirate areas under a central control.
*The areas became standardized and homogenized.
*Yet, they also freely traded goods, ideas, people and genetics.
*Travel displaced identity, broke the awareness of continuous time, unified space.

Which was replicated with the print medium. Language became standardized, identity was completely displaces, time became mediated and no longer immediate.

Which was replicated with the Internet. Language became standardized. Thought became fragmented, split into packets, unreflexive. Identity was displaced. What began as a military campaign became a tool for gnosticism, for escaping the boudaries of space, certainly, but also continuous time in the universal connectedness of rural life.


jojo said...

Heaven help us if the language being standardized is the one that I see on some blogs! I think the teens are inventing a whole new language, or shorthand of some kind.
Great blog; you seem like a smart guy, so tell me, why DO black and white cats have so much darn personality and charm?!?

Rufus said...

Our theory is that they're part dog. At least, that seems to be the case with Lola.