Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm Geeking out

I can't help it- I'm geeking out about seeing Land of the Dead tomorrow. I suppose that everybody on the Internet has something that they're geeks about. I love horror movies. I love Claire more. But, if she wanted me to give up horror movies... well, I'm not sure the relationship would work.

Look, I had my subscription to Fangoria when I was about ten, saw The Gates of Hell at eleven and would pretty much drop out of school if Tom Savini needed a housekeeper. Horror fans are worse than sci-fi geeks because we're geeks and, generally, we hate you.

So, I'm happy as can be to see George A. Romero back in action. There's something inspiring about a guy in his sixties getting a chance to get back to doing what he loves. Especially if what he loves is making ultra-violent, grimly satirical horror films. Romero's been unable to get funding for years, and it's a crying shame too because everybody has ripped him off in the last ten years! 28 Days Later was based on Romero's films, Shaun of the Dead was a loving tribute to Romero's films, is basically a direct rip off of the movies and Dawn of the Dead was a very inferior remake of Romero's classic. The secret is that Romero is most fascinated with society and how it can collapse in the face of disaster. His films have intellectual undercurrents that you can mull over for years. Most of his contemporary imitators have brains that were formed by music videos, so their films are strikingly banal by comparison. But, George, he's the man.

Incidentally, Universal deserves a sharp stick in the eye for failing to promote this film.


Anonymous said...

Failing to promote? I have seen that trailer before every single movie I've been to in the last two months. I've pretty much got it memorized by now. "Zombies..." (cut to said zombies beating on the car window and then back to Dennis Hopper) "they freak me out."

Anonymous said...

P.S. That was me (Becky). I think your comments are messed up because I couldn't sign in with my Blogger id to post.

Rufus said...

Ah, you're right. I haven't been to the movies since... Sideways, I think. And that wasn't really a Land of the Dead sort of movie. And, on TV, we've seen nothing. Although, again, I watch my two hours of cartoons on Sunday, and that's really it.

Well, that's great news! The movie cost $15 mil. to make so it's pretty much bound to make a profit. I would like to be at the theatre right now, but alas, we have business to take care of first. Rats!

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