Friday, November 18, 2005

our cat needs therapy

lola is prone to going apeshit if she cannot see/hear one of us at all times, in fact, she's lying at my feet right now and will follow me into the bathroom if when i go pee after posting this. when she freaks, she starts meowing so loudly and sadly that rufus gets out of bed at night and tries to comfort her. she really sounds as if she's being tortured. i've had 9 other cats and none of them have come close to her. maybe it's cause she's part siamese.

anyway, last night we were sleeping and lola had a freak out of monster proportions; meowing through the night like the little neurotic thing she is. i guess she kept rufus up and he finally locked her out of our room to minimize the noise because she wasn't settling down.

this morning she was hanging around during breakfast and started meowing for us to let her out, and it came out like a little kitty squeak! our cat was hoarse. lola had such a tantrum last night that she gave herself fucking laryngitis. what kind of cat does that?

she's gotten better over the day, but why didn't she stop meowing when it started to hurt? there was no threat in or outside of the house...just her kitty imagination.

she totally belongs in this house, with her weird owners. i've been trying to make her talk all day just so i can laugh at the noise, it's the most hysterical noise i've heard in a long time. silly girl.



Dr. S said...

Your poor little Lola! If this were the '50s and there were a Dr Spock manual for kitties, I suppose locking her out of the room would be the thing to do. However, it is the 21st century, my young friends. We do things differently now.

Don't you want your cat to feel loved, fulfilled, ambitious, in short, a part of the family? If so, I don't believe that any cat therapist would advise you to just chuck her out of the room, Spock-style. No, of course not. You need to bring her into your room and cuddle up with her; reassure her that hers was just a bad dream; insure that she feels secure in the thought that everyone understands and loves her for the cat that she is, not the cat that they want her to be.

(Alternatively, you could go on extended vacation and leave her with the worst people in your neighbourhood. See what she thinks of *that*.)

PS. Like others on here today, I arrived at your blog via Andrew Sullivan and I, too, found the slavery and torture piece compelling. However, I did start to worry when I moved down the blog and found you sounding as though you might be ready to try a few, shall we say, isolation techniques of your own. (I say this as a former crazy-cat owner, and an ever-advising "grandmother" of one of the most bonkers cats on the planet, a kitty lad who is perpetually driving my daughter around the twist.)

Good luck!

Rufus said...

Ah, you haven't heard the ongoing story of Lola, so you might not have picked up on the tongue-in-cheek aspect there. Lola is easily the most over-indulged cat in Canada. Actually, she woke me up this morning by sitting on my chest at about 5 am and demanding attention. I complied. What else could I do?

Anonymous said...

I also came via Andrew Sullivan - am not a fan of much of his politics but was looking for news on poor brave Captain Fishback.

Peeked around on your site and found the Lola piece. Thanks for cheering me up! (Before coming to the Sullivan site, I'd just read about another decent military guy getting killed [the army says he committed suicide but I've been with the army since Carter was president and this is one corrupt system!] because he exposed corruption and illegality in Iraq. Read more at,0,1641096.story?coll=la-home-headlines .)

On to a happier subject, I think there's something about Siamese cats that makes them prone to this kind of miaowing! I think my kitty Katie and Lola might be relatives, albeit distant ones. (We live in the Bavarian Alps.) Katie likes nothing better than jumping up on the bed around 0300, tapping me on the shoulder (moving on to "combing" my hair with her claws) until I wake up and let her under the covers. Yes, it's cold here and one can understand how a cat would want to be somewhere warm in the night, but Katie is not satisfied (and doesn't stop her loud, long, expressive, mournful miaows) until my husband rolls over and reaches his arm across my waist and holds Katie's feet.

Unfortunately, Katie has NEVER lost her voice... but then again, she can open every door in this old house, as Germans don't use cat-proof round doorknobs but instead favor the kind of handles used for handicapped people - PERFECT for a smart and persistent cat to open at will! Our house is so old that we don't have keys to any of the doors so locking out Katie is not in the cards for us.

Would love to hear if you come up with any solutions for ending -- or at least minimizing! -- Lola's operatic miaowing!!

Rufus said...

We'd sort of like to, but the thing is it's gotten to be so funny that we don't mind it. Usually we call her name and she trots upstairs and jumps into bed with us. I think she forgets where we are when we're sleeping!