Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well, Les Bleus did it! Surprisingly enough, they beat Spain last night in their World Cup match. I watched about half an hour of the game, and then flipped around and watched “Dr. T et les Femmes” on the other station, while periodically returning to the game. Somewhere around the point that Richard Gere delivers a baby on screen, I heard loud cheers from every other apartment and brasserie on my block. I quickly realized that they weren’t that excited about the miracle of birth and flipped back to the game. And, like everyone else, I saw France win the match with a score that even a complete non-sportif like me could tell was just freaking beautiful, man. After that, I was treated to two straight hours of car horns and cheering in the streets while I ate my spaghettis avec fruits de la mer, and watched a movie on the Arts network that included a scene with a fully nude girl smoking for about ten minutes straight. So, I guess that’s my way of celebrating.

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