Sunday, August 12, 2007

Peeping totalitarianism

From The Guardian (ironically enough): "Counter-terrorism experts have drawn up plans to develop an array of advanced technologies capable of spotting would-be terrorists in a crowd before they have time to strike.

"Scientists and engineers have been asked to devise ways of analysing people's behaviour and physiology from afar, in the hope they may reveal clues about their mental state and even their future intentions.

"Under Project Hostile Intent, scientists will aim to build devices that can pick up tell-tale signs of hostile intent or deception from people's heart rates, perspiration and tiny shifts in facial expressions."

So, remember young people- no more blind dates! It's too dangerous to perspire or have a high heart rate in a public place these days. Of course, you know some idiot's going to say: "Hey, what's the problem? If you don't ever have any hostility, experience nervousness, or ever lie, you have nothing to worry about!" Because, after all, the fact that you can't walk down the street to get a pack of cigarettes without getting interrogated by security cameras isn't the sort of thing that might make one nervous, alienated, dishonest, or hostile.

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