Thursday, August 30, 2007

Waiting on the man

I'm basically just sitting here waiting for my professor to email me the exam questions that I'm supposed to answer today. Sigh.

Anyway, here's Fangoria's review of the Halloween remake, as well as Variety's review. I think I'll wait for the DVD. Why anybody would want to remake a movie that's as good as Halloween I'll never know. It's like saying, ''For my next novel, I think I'm going to try to rewrite that old Moby Dick story, but with more teenage girls and swearing in it.''

In other news, an ad hoc sort of group has sprung up to protest DePaul's decision not to give Norman Finklestein tenure, which really wasn't that surprising, as well as their decision to make him vacate the premises immediately, which was a bit surprising. His work isn't that great, so they decided not to give him tenure- that I can understand. But universities then normally give the non-tenured sap a ''terminal year'' to teach and look for a new position. He's supposedly a good teacher, so why not let him teach for that year? Instead, they've cancelled his courses and cleaned out his office. It all seems a bit petty. Since his response to this is to threaten 'civil disobedience' and a hunger strike, it's quickly becoming a marathon of childishness.

Anyway, as is often the case in higher ed, it's much ado about very little. In fact, I'm getting a bit bored just writing about it...

So, back to waiting, then.


Holly said...

Are you going to fill us in on what your questions are?

clairev said...

1) One important theme in modern Mediterranean history is the so-called “Invasion from the North”, when northern European countries began to exert a new hegemony over the region. Account for the causes, features, and timing of this development. Evaluate its impact on countries of the Mediterranean region, citing precise examples.

2) Does the modern Mediterranean have a historical identity? To answer this question, you may consider the following criteria: the presence or absence of themes that unify the region’s history while distinguishing it from other places; the feasibility of periodizing its history; and the thematic cohesiveness of historiography dealing with Mediterranean topics.

I'm basically done. We'll see how I did.
rufus (on Claire's computer)

Holly said...

I assume you had those well in hand?

Rufus said...

Ah, we'll see. I understood them, and I wrote about 14 pages in the six hours. So either he'll say, "Okay, this is fine. See you at the orals." Or he'll say, "God! This so stupid!" and I'll have to take it again later. I'm hoping for the first one.