Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Le Renard et l'enfant

Incidentally, I saw the film Le Renard et l'enfant the other day, and I am guessing it will get released in an English version (It's largely told in voice-over. easy to dub) before long- as The Fox and the Child, most likely. See it if you can. It's just lovely. It was made by the people who made the March of the Penguins and has the same sort of photography that makes you want to give up whatever you're doing with your life to live in the wild filming animals. It's basically a children's film about a girl and a family of foxes, and I felt a bit weird watching it with all these kids and their parents. However, the only other things playing were a dubbed version of An Inconvenient Truth and a frothy French romantic comedy called something like, A Kiss, if you Please. So, the kids' film won out. Anyway, I highly recommend it.

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