Friday, January 11, 2008

Punk'd by PETA

We just watched a fascinating documentary ("I Am an Animal") about PETA last night, and now there's this madcap story:

"PETA Requests Vegetarian Diet in Jail for Cannibalism Suspect... Sheriff's officials were astounded Thursday by a letter requesting the man accused of murdering his girlfriend and possibly participating in cannibalism be placed on a vegetarian diet to keep him from being "involved in any senseless killing" while incarcerated."

"Only in a culture where people routinely kill and eat living, feeling beings would anyone even think to kill and eat a human loved one," (some PETA dick) said."

Okay, you hear that, grieving family members? You got what you deserved for eating all those damn hamburgers! Man, the bereaved can be so insensitive, can't they?

(Also, seriously, what is the deal with PETA constantly hating on women? Has anyone else noticed that?)


gregvw said...

PETA are a bunch of douchebags. I am completely against hunting things you won't eat and raising animals only for their pelts. When we raise animals for food we should kill them as quickly and efficiently as possible and give them decent living conditions up to that point. That's about as much overlap as I have with them on the "how wantonly should we rape the animal kingdom" Venn diagram.

Rufus said...

It's a decent logical and ethical argument: human beings are unique and unrepeatable, which is why we consider it wrong to murder them. Shouldn't the same apply to animals? Don't they have unique and individual identities too? And, if we are going to eat them, why put them through a factory process to do so? Can't we at least let them have a happy life and a painless death?

So, I totally understand the animal rights argument. But, what's weird about PETA is that they seem to have no interest in that old Enlightenment idea of winning people over to your side through persuasive arguments that appeal to their reason. Instead, it's like they decided a more effective way to convince people of the rightness of their cause is to act like assholes. Which, seemingly, is the worst way to convince people of anything.

I mean, if someone threw paint on me to convince me that it's wrong to throw kittens into a tree chipper, I'd be inclined to wonder if maybe the kittens-into-a-tree-chipper people don't have a good point there. I don't think hooliganism ever wins anyone over, aside from closet fascists.

Holly said...

Don't you think a bucket of chipped kittens would do more to sway your view?

Rufus said...

In which direction? And are we talking a free bucket of chipped kittens?

Holly said...

Well, I guess they could hand out scoops of chipped kittens, instead of those paper-waste type brochures. But was thinking about someone throwing it toward the person whose opinions should be swayed.

Rufus said...

Ah yes, well sometimes we have to destroy the kitties in order to save the kitties.